Better double play in badminton

    Better double play - Timing in the front

    Most direct points in badminton doubles are scored on the net - however, the front fielder has to have a good stroke timing a good flapping motion - if this is not the case, often a lot of "penalty kick" will be awarded.

    The following badminton video in high-speed shows in great detail on which two points - concerning the arm and racket - it "comes down to it" in the front field.


    The closed exercise is designed as a sequence in the game. The two points:


    - "Ready position", if ("timing" !!!!) your own partner has hit the ball in the back of the field

    - short flapping motion


    should be edited.


    Both points are immensely important if you really want to take advantage of the advantageous situation. If the timing is wrong, eg too late, the front-fielder is no longer properly behind or under the ball. Many players often have the racket too early or all the time "up" - but usually too far in front - this naturally also causes problems , usually too late a return movement or a too stiff impact movement. Learn More Here classmet quotes


    If the flapping motion - in other words, the movement of the arm is too big - the ball usually gets an impulse that goes too steep down. The ball lands on the net. We are looking for a relatively short stroke movement: this can be achieved by forearm rotation and shortened arm loops (see video), usually over the head or over the shoulder, or through a combination of forearm rotation, extension movement in the elbow, and release in the fingers at meeting points far in front of the Body (see article double ) happen.


    Now the exercise - relatively simple: The defending player strikes, followed by a smash from the back, a counter-attack and a killing of the front-fielder.


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